If you have any questions about the terms, please contact us for more information.

Free uptime monitoring

Our uptime monitoring service is currently free to use. As it is free, the service is delivered without guarantees of availability or similar.

Personal data and privacy

We store the information you enter in the system (eg email, domain name and mobile number). We do not store data for longer than necessary (but at least as long as you have the service active). We do not disclose any information to unauthorized persons. You can request to be removed from our system (contact us via the contact page).

Your website uptime

You can access your page with your operating status via a link that you receive via email. If someone else accesses that link, they can access and view your operating information. You can request a new link whenever you want, then the old link will stop working and no one can access your operating information using it anymore.


We can send newsletters (max 12 times per year) to you who have registered to use our system. You can unsubscribe from such newsletters at any time.

We use cookies (read more on the "Cookies" page).